Who Is At Fault In A Car Park Accident Australia


This time a minor carpark incident.
We are showing this, as is the case with many minor incidents, some weeks down the track the owner is contacted either by an insurance company or other driver requesting $$$$$$$ to fix damage to the other vehicle, despite an assurance at the time all is ok.

From Dc owner –
Hoping i would be able to get a second opinion on this accident? The other driver has now contacted me now claiming their car is 00 to fix. This is 3.5 weeks later since the incident and they want me to pay 75% of the bill as they believe I was at fault as I didn’t stop to avoid her hitting into my car as I admitted yes I turned my head to check my rear blind spots to ensure no one was walking behind me in those few seconds she had reversed back into me. It’s a Woolworths car park. I feel even if I saw her and did break she still would of hit my car around the mid section of my passenger side of the car. They have offered to pay 25% as a good gesture to me (lucky me) as they’re able to claim part of the costs through her business / work expenses.
It was scuff damage to both cars no cracks or broken panels just scuffed / scratched. Her bumper. Mine is the bumper and panel above my passenger front wheel. In my opinion I walked away thinking I would fix my car and she would fix her we had similar style damage. I’m now thinking just to put it through my insurance (0 excess) and let them decide on who’s at fault but am on the fence do I just pay the repair bill to save going against my no claim bonus and a chance my premium will go up next year if I’m at fault ? however I do feel the other driver was more at fault as they’ve come out of parking space where I’m in the thorough fare where traffic flows and was behind her before she reversed back out. Thank you 🙂

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Credit Venessa C

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